Monday, March 30, 2009

What if Deadpool t-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

UPDATE: I recently found these Deadpool t-shirts to check them out click here. They're under X-Men t-shirts.

A Deadpool t-shirt would be awesome but yet again I am forced to make a what if t-shirt. The merc with a mouth isn’t pop enough to have his very own t-shirt but, I think after Wolverine Origins he will be. Why isn’t this guy bigger than he already is, oh well they will get to know him soon enough.

This Deadpool picture would make a very cool t-shirt. It’s in your face and a very intimidating image. Nobody wants a gun in their face and you definitively don’t want Deadpool holding that gun. The little blur kind of gives you the illusion of movement which really ads to this shot.

Marvel has so many great characters and Deadpool is for sure one of them. He’s entertaining and who doesn’t want to be entertained by a mercenary. And I know just about every Marvel fan thinks Ryan Reynolds is the perfect choice to play Deadpool in the soon to be released X-men Origin: Wolverine. A movie that looks crazy sick from what I’ve seen in the trailers.

A Marvel t-shirt is limited to what they call the A list heroes and it’s hard to get your hands on t-shirts of any other cool Marvel character that aren’t very well known in pop culture. So I’ll just keep making the what if’s until they start making shirts for the rest of those in that crazy universe. Hope you enjoyed this what if Deadpool t-shirt.

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