Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vintage Marvel Comics T-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

Heres a Vintage Marvel Comics t-shirt for all you Marvel fans. I thought it was about time to go old school and this is a nice example. This t-shirt features Spider-Man, The Hulk and Captain America marching to the spirit of 76.

80% cotton 20% polyester
Some sizes might not currently be in stock.
Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.
This t-shirt was located in the Avengers section to visit the site and see more click here.

On this shirt you have Spider-Man who is arguably the face of Marvel Comics and one of the greatest superheroes of all-time. The Hulk who is one of the most recognizable and unique superheroes there is. Then you have good ole Captain America a timeless symbol of Americana and Marvel Comics. Now this is a classic shirt if there ever was one.

You have to appreciate all the vintage Marvel memorabilia and in this case a t-shirt. Obviously this is what brought us to where we are today in the Marvel Universe. In my case I have a Marvel Comics t-shirt blog, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t show my appreciation for the originals, so thanks Marvel I owe you one.

Now we all have a place in our hearts for the classics and this shirt should take you back giving you a warm fuzzy feeling, in a tough macho superhero sort of way. I just had to show my appreciation for the classics and thought why not today.. I hope you enjoyed this vintage Marvel Comics t-shirt, see ya next time.

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