Thursday, August 21, 2008

Captain America T-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

It’s time for the Captain America t-shirt and the reason I chose this particular piece is because it looks like a good old fashion piece of propaganda. You can see Captain America with the American flag draped over his shoulder holding his trademark red, white and blue shield with the star in the middle. Being surrounded by the words liberty, freedom, and justice such a great looking design for this iconic Marvel superhero.

100% cotton.
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Once a 98-pound-weakling Steve Rogers becomes the test subject for the super soldier serum. Which would transform him into the perfect human specimen and wouldn’t you know it one of those dang Nazi’s had to kill the scientist who had memorized some of the more important parts to the formula. Thus leaving Captain America as the sole person to receive the serum.

He’s not only a superhero but a great looking piece of Americana. As far as costumes go I would say he has one of the best around and I’m not saying this to sound all patriotic or anything. He really has a great costume I mean his name is Captain America and his out fit is definitely a good representation of his name. It’s a very well designed outfit when it could have turn out terrible or weird or something along those lines.

This is such a cool Marvel t-shirt it shows him with old glory, his indestructible shield and those very powerful words which so many people believe in and have also fought and died for. Again not to get patriotic but, that is what this character represents, U.S.A. U.S.A. I think that this Captain America t-shirt does the character justice.

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