Thursday, November 13, 2008

What if Gambit T-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

UPDATE: I recently found these Gambit t-shirts to check them out click here. They're under X-Men t-shirts.

The what if Gambit t-shirt was a must for me to cover since he is one of my very favorites. This is a great visual for Remy LeBeau, he has his signature cards in hand and a little wild just like him. A great shot of his red eyes helps give him that dreamy appeal plus the whole illustration is just tight. Wow I really love this for a Gambit t-shirt.

I can’t wait to see what they do with the character in the up coming Wolverine Origins movie because it’s about damn time. I know there have been comparisons of Gambit and Wolverine but, there definitely is a difference between the two. I see Gambit as more of a con artist heartthrob kind of a character while I see Wolverine more as a tough guy, who stand up for what ever he thinks is right.

Then you have Gambit and Rogue who arguably have the best and most intriguing relationship in comic books. You have the thing of Remy being the kind of guy who can get just about any women he pursues and Rogue being a strong, tough, powerful woman who he can’t get to close to without getting hurt.

He really is one of my favorite Marvel heroes and I think he has the potential to carry his own movie if Marvel gets his character right. I really want this t-shirt and I know I have said that about almost all the other t-shirts and the what if’s but, seriously this is a must have for me, man this would be awesome. I can only dream though because yes, this Gambit t-shirt is a what if, nooooooooo.

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