Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rogue T-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

The Rogue t-shirt is beautifully done with our southern belle strutting her stuff and looking marvelous. This t-shirt design looks more like a painting than it does a drawing. Some of the designs behind her are a little tough to make out but, one thing is very clear, the ace of spades. I wonder what that means.

100% cotton
Some sizes might not currently be in stock.
Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.
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This extremely tough women has always been one of my favorites. She has some of the most intriguing storylines of any X-Men. From her mother Mystique, to her brother Nightcrawler, her relationship with my homeboy Gambit, her sorta kinda teenage angst in dealing with her powers. I love this girl, she looks so good on a Marvel Comics t shirt.

Rogue may have her problems but, she’s a good girl that you can bring home to momma. Since her mutant powers absorbs your energy, memories and so on you’ll have to limit your make out session but, I think she’s taken anyway. Plus her hair is cool and I’m not a guy who notices when a girl gets her hair done or anything like that but, it’s one of the first things I think of when someone mentions Rogue.

Their needs to be more Rogue t-shirts out there because this chick rules. She’s a dominate female and can compete with any of us pathetic men or mutants any day. If you’re a Rogue fan then heres a Rogue t-shirt just for you.

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