Monday, February 23, 2009

The Incredible Hulk T-shirt #3 | Marvel Comics T-shirt

The Incredible Hulk t-shirt #3 feature a face off between the Hulk and wolverine. Just look at the detail on the Hulks face as he stares down Wolverine on this t-shirt. He looks more than pissed off and he is looking absolutely huge compared to Wolverine. It’s also a great drawing of Logan who doesn’t look very intimidated.

100% cotton.
Some sizes might not currently be in stock.
Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.
This t-shirt was located in the Hulk section to visit the site click here.

I think it’s a very fitting t-shirt due to the recently released DVD of Hulk vs. in which the Incredible Hulk faces of against Thor and Wolverine. I definitely recommend the movie to any Marvel fan since they’ve really been doing a great job with their animated projects including this one.

If you like Marvel or comic books then I’m sure your at least a small fan of the Incredible hulk or Wolverine. You have the two facing off with each other on a t-shirt it’s almost a classic shirt if there ever was one. It’s for sure a classic image of the two and almost a David vs. Goliath theme, if they both weren’t so tough and so badass.

Marvel apparel goes great for any occasion especially when you just chillen, blah blah blah, blah blah blah. If you like it pick it up, I think it’s a cool shirt. Yes I like art and art on clothing represent what you are and what you stand for in a way or maybe I’m just reading to much into things like always. So there you have it Hulk t shirt #3 see ya later

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