Friday, August 15, 2008

Magneto T-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

I present to you the Magneto t-shirt, now it’s getting serious. The master of magnetism himself and my leader that I shall follow to the ends of the earth. With that said, I must say that Magneto might just be my all-time favorite comic book character, he’s definitely in my top 3 and definitely in my top 2 but that’s where it starts getting to close to call. I freakin love everything about this character, so I had to pick a t-shirt that would do my him justice and I think I did.

100% cotton.
Some sizes might not currently be in stock.
Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.
This t-shirt is available through the following link. Click here to see more, do a search for Magneto.

The thing about Magneto is that he is a G and oh so down for his cause. He is the man that is determined to protect the mutant race and make sure his people get there due respect. That idea in itself is a very powerful thought. Now I don’t want to go to deep into what he stand for but, depending on how you look at him he could be a supervillain, a superhero or something in between. He is a revolutionary figure in the X-Men series and an intelligent man who is taking the approach he fears that the human race will sooner or later take toward mutants. Awesome.

There’s really a lot I can say about him but I feel this is already sounding to serious like I’m trying to make some sort of political statement. But that’s where Magneto takes my thoughts, I think he’s brainwashed me or something. Normally I like to keep things light and just show some badass Marvel t-shirts and this is a badass Marvel t-shirt.

He looks intimidating just standing there in the shadows and you know he thinking of something big. I must have this t-shirt and I don’t even know if I’m worthy to wear such a masterpiece of Marvel apparel. It’s drawing / design is the very reason I started this blog. My only hope now is that I’ll be able to find another Magneto t-shirt as worthy as this one.

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