Sunday, October 19, 2008

What if Blade T-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

Here’s a cool what if Blade t-shirt since they’re so hard to find for some reason. I took the what if concept and applied it to the Marvel Comics T shirt blog. So what I’m trying to say is that this would make a cool Blade t shirt, wouldn’t it?
You have Blade the Vampire Hunter leaping through the air and looking like he’s either in the middle of a tough battle or he just got done whoopin ass. You see he has his katana in hand and what I believe is a wooden steak or maybe a dagger. This drawing / image of him is just freaking cool.

Blade is one of the coolest superheroes there is if you’re familiar with his back story. If your unfamiliar he basically has superhuman strength, stamina, speed, agility, heightened senses, and a rapid healing factor. To go with that he is highly skilled with numerous weapons and hand to hand combat. His mother was feasted on by a vampire during Blades birth in case you didn’t know. There’s a lot more to him that I can’t explain here but, overall he’s a very dangerous dude.

This isn’t really a shirt you can go out and purchase but, it’s still a very cool image of Blade that would look good on one. I will not leave any superhero behind especially one the caliber of Blade the Vampire Slayer, one of Marvel finest. I hope you enjoyed the newest feature to this Blog the what if t-shirts. So what if this was a Blade T-shirt, we may never know.

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