Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Punisher T-shirt | Marvel Comics T-shirt

This Punisher t-shirt fits the character so well and as usual I’m talking about what this antihero stands for not his shirt size. You can see The Punisher himself squatting down, holding a gun looking like he just beat somebody up in this very moody t-shirt. An artsy feel to it but, it's oh so gangsta, this is as cool as it gets when it comes to t-shirt illustrations.

100% cotton.
Some sizes might not currently be in stock.
Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.
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He’s looking mean, tough, gritty, and any other cool sounding word you can throw in there. Frank Castle is already famous for his Punisher skull t-shirt but, this shirt makes him look as dangerous as his character really is. A very well designed piece of art that really brings out this anti-hero in a way that doesn‘t soften up his image.

And what would a Punisher T-shirt be without a skull somewhere around so don’t worry there is a skull present. Because I know how much Marvel Comic fans like pretty skulls. Another cool things about this shirt is that it’s not black, it’s brown, I must admit there are a lot of black shirts on this blog.

The Punisher is a classic tough guy that will beat you down and just straight up punish you if your bad, so always be good is the message, kinda. As always I’m off track but this really is a kickass Punisher T-shirt. Buy it today, buy it now, this Punisher t-shirt rules.

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