Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marvel Comics T-shirt #2

Look at this Marvel Comics t-shirt, it’s cool because it displays so many of the characters from the Marvel Universe that aren‘t normally show on clothing. This shirt has you sporting Magneto the master of magnetism himself and look who’s just a couple spots below him, it’s freakin Venom. This is the first time I have seen those two on the same t-shirt and what about Lizard how often do you get to see him on any kind of apparel.

100% Cotton
Some sizes might not currently be in stock.
Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.
This t-shirt was located in the Avengers section to visit the site click here.

Rhino is on there just chillen next to Colossus who’s diagonally from Ghost Rider how unusual is it to see that threesome on a piece of merchandise? Then you have Thor who’s not all that unusual to see on t-shirts and the same probably goes with Iceman, but you combine them with some of the other names I’ve mentioned above and you got yourself a very cool piece of Marvel memorabilia.

There’s also just a few other character on the side of the t-shirt that I can’t quit make out. So I guess we’ll just have to be surprised when we get it but with the names that are already on this shirt I’m sure they’re badass. Plus these really are some great character head shots and drawings, which is of course to be expected but is worth mentioning anyway.

This shirt is in stock unlike the last one I showed you but, I just had to show you the last one because it was so cool. I’ll only show you shirts that are sold out if they are just to cool to keep to myself but trust me their will be plenty that I show you which will be in stock in fact they’ll be the majority. The other thing is that more than likely by the time you read this they’ll probably be in stock anyway because who knows when you will actually read this post. Hello out there are you reading this post, welcome to Marvel comics t-shirt.

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